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Default Re: Is there anyone that poses a threat to Fedor?

Originally Posted by AJAX
Don't laugh but I think monson would be a tough match up for Fedor. His short powerfull arms would be hard to get into an armbar and Monson does have decent boxing.He's also a submission specialists so I think Fedor would have his hands full with him
Monson is a great choice.

Theres two types of fighters that could beat Fedor, great takedown guys with extensive submission training, Couture being the #1 threat in my opinion with Arona being the second, Barnett being third, and Monson being fourth. Gonzaga is another who fits the description, as does the Ricco of a few years and a hundred pounds ago, and the Mir before he wrecked his bike, a dark horse that lacks the overall skills but fits the description is Cacareco.

The second type is the lights out striker with great takedown defense, although Fedor already defeated the best of this breed in CroCop, Liddell might stand a better shot than CroCop, as Fedor seems more suseptible to punches than kicks, plus Liddell can put peoples lights out moving in any direction with both hands, whereas CC is more limited to coming forward with either the LHK or the straight left hand. Roman Zentsov also has the left hook from hell, but they are training partners and friends, not to mention Zentsov's lack of extremely high level takedown defense.

That being said, the only one I would feel remotely comfortable picking, even given my gambling / expected value way of looking at fights would be Couture or Arona.
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