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Default Weight Training - is there any point?

Hello all, complete nubbins at work here so please advise.....

so say I was to do this;

find a weight I can only do 6reps MAX ( at a struggle ) and do say 4 sets on each exercise.

Bench, Row, Curl, Squats. ( obviously weight differs beetween exercise's, also trying to be explosive when lifting on the bench rows and squats ).

Now my first question is,

Will this build muscle ? or beocuse I am trying to expload out of the lifts not really build as much as if I where to lift slower.

Also after the weight lifting, say I was to do 5 rounds on the bag and 5 on the pads, 4 sets of pullups,pushups (different types),situps would this mean I lose ALL benifit of the weight training?

Basically I am learning how to box (since last January), but as gay as this may sound, I am trying to get abit of shape to me, I am something like 5,8 and 140pounds, so I am not super thin , but I want slightly bigger chest and arms etc. and I cant see how just boxing will achieve this, So I am looking for a happy medium beetween getting abit of muscle on me and still being effective in boxing ! if there is such thing.......

Or is it a case of concentrating on one thing at a time?

(btw I am trying my best to eat well nowadays , tunas,pastas,chicken,brownbread, got me protein/calorie shake)

If anybody can give me advice on anything of what you have just read it would be much appreciated, as I say I am pretty new to this stuff and I am expecting to get **** wrong so I am all ears.


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