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Default Re: Experience before coaching?

A few years championship open class amateur

Top ten pro career fought against world, British, commonwealth and European champions

Qualified as a fitness instructor level 2 then a personal trainer level 3 (a level)

Study and read about fitness every day

17 wins and 4 losses as a coach so far

Learn most of my stuff from one of the top coaches britain has ever produced and nick bits and bobs from anywhere and everywhere.

Work alongside my trainer Kevin Maree, who out qualifies me by some distance and train alongside former commonwealth games champion kenny Anderson

Also work as a personal trainer for my job and coach a professional rugby player and a pro golfer as well as normal people so my job allows me to experiment with different methods and find out what is most effective.

I'm a good all rounder but I'll not consider myself a proper trainer until I have nurtured a professional champion and that will take a while as I'm only 29
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