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Default Re: Weight Training - is there any point?

Originally Posted by KillSomething View Post
One thing at a time.

And I'll never understand guys who want to 'get bigger.' Especially in boxing. Maybe football, or other sports where weight can be a huge advantage. But not in boxing. Getting bigger in boxing is ALWAYS bad. Some may disagree, but when you gain weight you give up a lot of things....punch resistance, agility, speed, height advantage. It's a weight class sport. Building muscle is not what you want to do. Besides, you're probably still growing aren't you?

Your body will adjust to the training you do. If you box, your body will optimize itself for boxing. You're trying to knock a trained human out whilst simultaneously avoiding injury. No part of that involves getting the ring girl wet with your bulging pecs.
With respect, as your a good poster, I disagree! Gaining functional mass is always going to benefit you- those who think they gain an advantage by being puny at a weight too low are missing out on their potential.

Power and punch resistance can improve with weight gain due to factors such as speed and improved funtionality
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