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Arrow Re: Experience before coaching?

Originally Posted by KillSomething View Post
As an actual coach, yes. You need to be able to help your fighters from experience because you've been in the situations they're in. They're going to ask you how to cut weight, how to gain weight, what gear to use, whether to go to a doctor for injuries, how to structure their programs, what drills to use, what to do if an opponent does x, when/how often to run, etc.

You need to be able to corner your guys and give the appropriate advice between and during rounds. You need to have a gameplan and adjust it. You need to see the tendencies and weaknesses of opponents.

So yeah, if it's you by yourself coaching, you need a lot of experience.

That said, it takes very little experience to be an assistant coach. If you've got a head coach who knows all the stuff, assistant coaches don't have to be terribly experienced. We had a guy as an assistant coach who only had 8 fights, but he was really good at teaching and helping beginners. He also had a solid fitness background (went to college for it). I learned a TON from him.

So if you're coaching competitive fighters, experience is going to be a big thing. If you're helping beginners, all that's required is that you be past the beginner stage and have some sort of teaching/coaching ability. Preferably some personal training knowledge/experience as well.
Yep but I do think someone insightful could possibly learn what is and isn't effective
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