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Default Re: Weight Training - is there any point?

well, you need to figure out where you are your best weight for performance. when I was working out at my best, I cared about maximum strength to weight ratio, speed, and endurance. I did a fair amount of lifts but if you are just into aesthetic gains, nothing rips you up like the high impact interval sprints. Shapes the muscles, burns a lot of energy, gets rid of subcutaneous fat.

I'm 5'8'' as well, about 136 now, but I'm old at 33. At my best I was 128 lbs (in avatar at that weight), and there was a shape to my muscles that came from that type of sprinting that did not preclude endurance and high explosive capabilities.

For sure those explosive exercises like sprint speed jump rope, jumping over a bench, plyometric exercises, wind sprints, etc. all add a bit of shape to your musculature without eating the muscle away that a lot of the long but slow roadwork does.
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