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Default Re: Weight Training - is there any point?

Originally Posted by KillSomething View Post
If you're 22 then a strength training program is perfect for you. Most of your gains should go to your legs and back though, and it'll be slow gains if you do it right.

The boxing you do is going to prevent your arms and chest from getting gigantic, but your shoulders and lats can get a lot bigger which is going to make you look significantly less scrawny.

There's a few guys on here with fitness credentials so I'll leave the tweaking of your program to them, but yeah, given your age I'd say go for it. For some reason I pictured a 15yr old kid lol.

Be careful about how much weight you gain, though. At 5'8 you probably don't want to go much higher than 155 unless you're a gifted power puncher.
Another decent post, but as he gets stronger (read: isn't a pathetic weakling for his weight), he will fill out and get "bigger" without adding 20lbs to his physique.

there's lots of ways to train your strength. Do the Madcow 5x5 program as a rank beginner, and see how you go. Be patient, eat plenty of protein, and don't change anything else, or think this is going to make me slower, stiffer etc.

ultimately if you squat, deadlift, row, press heavy for lower than 6-8 reps for a few sets a few times a week, you will get stronger, faster, more explosive and more confident, and of course bigger. what's not to enjoy?

don't do bodybuilding programs (i.e bodyparts, high volume like 5 exercises of 5 sets of 10-20 each), as this WILL be counterproductive to your boxing training and your end goal. That would be the equivalent of training for sprinting by running 5ks.
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