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Default Re: Is it better to sleep more or sacrifice some for morning roadwork?

I run in the evening. Unless im using some morning roadwork to further aid me in cutting some weight off. I find running in the evening, after boxing/skill-work, that it unwinds me, helps finish me off for the day and i then sleep like a baby. And it feels like its quality sleep as well. If im running AM them im up for 03:45am and out on the road. Get home, shower and breakfast then off to work for 06:00am . I finish at 18:00pm Then depending on what day it is i head straight to boxing (mon/tues start boxing at 19:30pm and finish at 21:00pm, Weds/Thurs start at 18:30pm finish at 20:00pm).

Its all day depenant for me. I train steady state cardio monday morning (boxing/skillwork monday evening) and friday morning (strength training/dynamic friday evening). HIIT or enhanced interval training Tuesday and thursday morning (boxing/skillwork Tues/thurs evening). Circuits (mixture of odd objects i.e sandbags etc and bodyweight training)Saturday morning and a steady state run Saturday eveing. Wednesday I do strength training first thing in the morning (usually strength endurance or sometimes an occasional max strength workout), and then im in the gym again weds evening for boxing/skillwork. Sundays i have the day off completely and rest, or maybe take my wife, kids and the dogs for a long walk.

Work capacity obviously dictates workload for the individual though. Also sorry i went way off topic there. Try running in the evening and see how you find it. If not, try a fresh angle of attack.
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