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Default Re: Where to jab with the 1-2

Originally Posted by Dish View Post
yeah, NO. you couldn't be more wrong. Unless you enjoy getting countered.

occasionally, once your opponent is used to your 1-2 rhythm, only THEN should you change the tempo up. But if you consistently 1-2 like BagsofToolbox recommends, you will get eaten alive.
Originally Posted by BagsWithDust View Post
There are more ways to throw the 1-2, the way i suggested was more of an observation technique. If you do this in the first couple of rounds its effective. Its to see how the guy reacts to your jab, so if he counters make adjustments, if he parries it try to double up. etc etc.

The point is to try and make your 1-2's effective and accurate. There is no need to mindlessly keep throwing 1-2's and letting your opponent get your rhythm down. If he does you will get eaten alive.
I think his issue is with the 'wait a second.' Last thing I'm doing is throwing a jab and standing there.

And 'first couple of rounds'? There's only 3 lol. I'll tell you how the guy will react: he'll counter you. You can just assume this and work off it.

You don't have time to see how people react in amateur boxing. They react by scoring points on you and then stopping you. You go in there and annihilate them. If it isn't working you adjust. There's no time for patterning your opponent or worrying about what he's going to do. You do what you want to do and if it doesn't work you do something else.

I get the idea of off-timing him though. It definitely works. You can't do it all the time though, you have to set it up. Your idea typically works best AFTER you've established a pattern of mindlessly throwing quick 1-2's. Get him thinking it's always a 1-2, there's always a 2 coming, wait, why didn't he throw the 2 that time? *drops guard and gets ko'd by 2*
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