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Default Diagnosed with illness and looking for tips to start training again please ESB world

Right guys where to start, i am/ was an amatuer boxer until november 2010 as i was diagnosed with Leukemia, i am 8 months into the treatment now and will be able to resume light training by sept this year but with some drawbacks such as low hemoglobin causing fatigue, alot of muscle wastage, increased fat mass due to cortisol steroids among others.

I was wondering if anyone could give me some help starting getting back into shape for fighting again, such as diet (my nutrician is ok but always open to tips), what strength-conditioning training to start etc.

I am 5'9 and weighed 154 when i last boxed and now i weigh around 162. Just looking for as much help as i can get thanks alot, i have got decent boxing skills with 21 fights noting amazing though, still a student of the game and am in love with it, but i am feeling kind of lost now with everything that has happened. if anyone can give advice would be greatly apprerciated.

Peace Richie
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