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Default Re: Weight Training - is there any point?

I do think Killsomething is on to something here. for the most part, the guy who weighs 125 pound who can seriously hurt me is the exception. The guy who weighs 160 pounds and can fight who can hurt me is the rule. I imagine if I trained a bit less on the explosive cardio side and ate a whole lot more protein, higher calories, etc. I would for sure be up near 150-160 lbs by now. While I have not competed in the last few years, if at any time during that period I felt the urge I would much rather step in the ring against a fast but not as hard punching guy than against a precise guy who held instant KO power with his timing.

And if you are a guy who naturally weighs 190 lbs, lets be honest, you are in a tight spot for competition. Bulk up a little bit and suddenly there's NO CAP on the size of the guys you are fighting, cut down to 175 and risk being weight drained, stay at that cruiser and risk fighting guys who are 220 who cut down. That's a super hard decision to make, and a lot of athletic active people seem to be that size nowadays, whereas fifty years ago I would say most athletic active people were probably 150-160 lbs.

I'm glad that for me, the it was pretty easy to stay at a weight I felt strong at, but I can see how it would be really hard for some people to decide where the gains in strength stop or result in decreased endurance, speed, and harder hitting naturally bigger competition.
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