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Default Re: Weight Training - is there any point?

Originally Posted by aramini View Post
Well, the thing is, punch resistance. If you are not weight drained, a muscular chest and arms is not going to help when a 175 lb guy lands an overhand right with leverage on your chin as opposed to a possibly shorter 147 lb guy without as much weight behind his punch. obviously being weight drained weakens you (I took punches better at 125 than I did at 118 )but look at Hearn's fights at Cruiserweight: just about every person he fought wobbled him before he got them out of there. At welter, only the very very very best puncher could dent him after 14 rounds of punishment. He probably hit harder at Cruiser, but his chin wasn't strong even with all that extra muscle and weight.

the key is finding your best competitive weight, where you can say, I am stronger than most at this weight, I feel energetic. But if you are too heavy for your frame you run the risk of getting hurt when you fight competitively, since those guys all for the most part cut and know how to rehydrate somewhat effectively.
More to do with him being 50 and his reflexes being shot to ****
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