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Default Re: Boxing Career Advice plz

Originally Posted by Johnboy2007 View Post
another bit of advice these forums can be amazingly helpful or awfully misleading. Theres alot of idiots but theres a few really good experts on here too... Brown Bomber is one of them so if you think he's being rude have a think why he might be saying what hes saying

Glad you enjoyed your first session
OOPSS I did not know that.. But you are right.. Thanks !!

But anyways, senior members always tend to be rude to newbies.. its a show off attitude in any international forum, you see.. There is always better way to say things.. And I'm sure, people like him knows what I meant.. Quick reflex is what I said for which he is saying, "Fast at what?" did not stop there.. Asked to **** myself.. What I said should be understandable..

Anyways, Peace out plz.. !! I'm here to get views and not pick up e-fights..

Off topic - I'm liking the similes in this forum.. its hilarious..
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