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Default Re: Weight Training - is there any point?

Originally Posted by KillSomething View Post
See, I'M a skinny weakling. I was 145 when I graduated...AFTER about a year of strength training (gained maybe a pound a month or so). But I was athletic. Throughout 4 years of college I put on some muscle weight from various forms of training, but I'm still 'skinny'. If I got down to a decent bodyfat% my arms would look ridiculous. But I can hit hard, I can take punches, and I have a good level of athleticism despite not being a guy who walks around with his sleeves cut off. So for me, I look to get even skinnier. If I can hurt guys at my current weight, I can definitely hurt guys smaller than me. Just have to be careful not to overtrain and undernourish my body. But I have no problem going through life looking like nothing.

One of the hardest punchers I've ever held mitts for was a SKINNY guy (about 5'10, 130). Not even a fighter, just there to train. I would have NEVER wanted him to gain weight. What's the point? He was a gifted puncher as he was, why not just hone the skills and rip those little guys heads off? Who cares if people weren't scared at the sight of him? Better to be underestimated.

I know some other guys who are skinny weaklings, but not athletic ones. These are the guys who never play sports, eat once a day (chips and soda), read comic books, play video games, don't brush their teeth, etc.

These are the guys you want to bulk up. They were never intended to be that way. But then again, why are they boxing? They need to take up a general fitness program before they even think about becoming an athlete. But a guy who's healthy at his weight and can perform athletically despite not being very muscular might be better off using his natural gifts rather than trying to get new ones. Reinforce success rather than failure. Weak hitter, but fast? Use your speed, train your speed, learn how to win with it. Don't waste your energy trying to become a puncher. All you do is make yourself mediocre in the end. Better to excel in a few aspects than be average in all of them.

A skinny guy is not always weak, a big guy is not always strong.
A solid post, we don't really disagree. I never said all lightweights are weak or big guys are strong, but the majority of guys who have been training for a few months, decide they want to fight, no prior training, will inevitably not be the strongest of individuals, that's what I meant, and they shouldn't suddenly decide "I need to fight 20lbs below my current skinnyfat barely in shape weight and no strength but its boxing so I HAVE TO LOSE WEIGHT". I agree in being a pound for pound tank though and don't gain weight for the sake of it! but some people don't need to decide anything of the sort for a long while. a guy like yourself, weightlifting as a complement to his sports training is on the right track and will achieve very good results! and that's all there is to it.
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