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Default Re: Basic boxing combos ?

Jab, jab. Jab, straight right behind the jab. Jab, straight right followed immediately by the left hook-------all these punches to the head. Jab to the head, straight right to the head followed by a left hook to the body like a rib shot.

Get close to the heavy bag. Close enough to almost bury your face in it like in-fighting. Keep your guard close to your face and your elbows in tight to your sides. Practice the left hook to the body and as fast as you can bring the same left hook up high to the head for a double left hook combo. Then try a short jab and back away quickly to shoot another jab followed by a straight right like you are making punching room from in-fighting.

One of my favorites against a fighter bull rushing in is to feint a jab and duck down at the waist and shoot a hard straight right to the solar plexus. You catch someone clean with that shot, there's a good chance you'll knock the wind out of them or at least get their attention.
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