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Default Re: Spencer Fearon racist post on Facebook?

Originally Posted by BrummyLad View Post
Firstly, spencer goes on and on about 'brother nazeem' and 'pbf'yet fails to credit roach and pac? i know this cos ive checked his page for last year or so!

Secondly, whats joking about degale mocking 'ugly ginger kid' not being racist? if you pick faults with someone due to their appearance in a manner like said statement i construe that as racist. like i said, imagine if groves had called degale 'ugly black kid' which is no different as its an insult about appearance.

Spencer aint a racist imo, just leans to his colour more often than not.
LOL most people in boxing call him 'Brother Nazeem', it's his nickname now. Basically, your premise that he prefers black fighters because they're from his racial background is based on the fact he's a fan of PBF and not Pac. Maybe, and I know this may be a huge stretch for you, he simply prefers pbf's boxing style to pacs? Is that so unbelievable, someone preferring the boxing stylist over the big puncher? Anyway, your theory is based in a sample set of ONE, I hope you can see how re****ed that is.

As for the second comment, I am genuinely gobsmacked. I think you need to look up 'race' in the dictionary. According to you, calling someone 'bignose' would be racist too since you'd be having a pop at their appearance.
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