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Default Re: Spencer Fearon racist post on Facebook?

Originally Posted by fita View Post
LOL most people in boxing call him 'Brother Nazeem', it's his nickname now. Basically, your premise that he prefers black fighters because they're from his racial background is based on the fact he's a fan of PBF and not Pac. Maybe, and I know this may be a huge stretch for you, he simply prefers pbf's boxing style to pacs? Is that so unbelievable, someone preferring the boxing stylist over the big puncher? Anyway, your theory is based in a sample set of ONE, I hope you can see how re****ed that is.

As for the second comment, I am genuinely gobsmacked. I think you need to look up 'race' in the dictionary. According to you, calling someone 'bignose' would be racist too since you'd be having a pop at their appearance.

It's just highlighting an example of a common theme where Spencer Fearon is concerned.

As for the second paragraph, I think you've been overly picky with his post. He can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that he's trying to ask why skin colour is any more of an issue than people hurling other insults at each other, whether it be about their weight, hair colour or appearance.

It just seems that some people are (in my opinion) overly precious about racism, and turn a blind eye to issues such as ***ism, ****phobia or whatever.

Is being racist any worse than hating fat people because they're fat?

Or hating gingers because they are ginger? Jews because they're Jewish?

I don't really have a particular view on this, nor do I know anyone that does, but it's a point worth making in my opinion.
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