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Default Re: Need new bag gloves, suggestions?

Originally Posted by KillSomething View Post
If it's just your knuckles, look into using sponges under your wraps, or buy the Winning gel pads. The problem I encounter with this stuff is that now I have a hard time getting my hand into a glove and it's so tight that my hands just hurt while I'm boxing. But no knuckle problems.

You mentioned IMF Techs not working, which are known for their padding. I think that if you're the kind of guy that hurts his knuckles (like me), a glove isn't gonna make the difference. The difference will be in the way you wrap your hands.

Or you could lay down the cash for some Winnings, they might be the only glove that'll help you out.

But if you're going to use sponges/pads, you might look for a glove with a big hand pocket. I know Title Gels have a very wide hand pocket, Reyes and Casanova are known for it as well.
anyone on here have any Casanova's?
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