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Default Re: *** The B.J Flores express***

Originally Posted by stiflers mum View Post
you condoned didnt condemn it with the zeal as you do Ash's've bumped this old thread
to prove some point and embarass a constantly deride Mundines choice of opponents and
justifiably so but never crusade against the Perth Pimp's
and his IBO gigolo Philtrick Smuttstin's woeful'title'and i use the world title loosely because the IBO is not considered a credible organisationchoice of opponents.Siaca,Briggs,Flores.
you know what im going to bump a thread to prove some stupid point and embarass a few posters who happened to get something will probably bump a relevant
thread down but what the ****.

Originally Posted by COULDHAVEBEEN View Post
100% agree with you that Briggsy was a poor choice of opponent for Green, and I disagree with it being sanctioned as a world title defence too.

Briggsy was a great fighter with a proud record, and there is that chance, however small, that he might be able to recapture some of that form. He's only lost twice, and both times to a great champion.

The big difference is, the guy Mundine fought - Jerez, has never and will never be any good! 13 losses and counting!
Which part of the red bit didn't you read Stiffy?

From that you concluded that I condoned the match-up?

Keep trying mate .
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