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Red face Need Some Advice

Hello to everyone,

1 year ago, nearly these days of year i was smoking, waking up after 1pm, drinking bear all night, staying in front of the pc all night, that was the lifestyle for default programmers, as i was.

Then strange thing happened then i though i was having a hearth attack, i went to hospit...... no seriuos think, only mental attack...

that time i quit smoking(cold turkey), people told me that i will gain weight because of quitting smoking so i started to diet. then tried some running. i realise i was too raw to run. i started some exercise but at these days after 6 months from quitting the smoking, i found an amazing training called boxing training. i met with 'Ali' and his determination.

I searched here, other sites, and i realize i found what is missing with my life style. i wanted to train like boxers. everything in this training were the things that i wanted to do.

So now every morning i am waking up at 3.00 am running for 3 miles in 18minutes, i do my own diet, jumping rope for 15 minutes every evening.

i can see now 3 packs in my abs.i gain muscular strenght and even my *** life is get much better.(i think there is some relation with training and male hormones)

but these days i am thinking why i want to do all the training except boxing part.. punching the bag or shadow boxing.

1 week ago i made myself a heavy bag, i dont know any technique but i am punching it with the technique of some trainers telling on youtube.

i feel my back muscles are getting stable too.

But at this point i dont know that am i doing the right thing?

i searched alot and i think doing it without proper punching will hurt my wrists.

i am here to ask you that i need advice, whats next level to me? i dont have any time to go to trainer, i dont know how you guys do it but morning run and evening exercise is totally getting my free time off. now i am not doing programming and i have a job that totally fulls my day.

i dont want to be a boxer but last time i found myself making my own heavybag and punching it, my free time i am opening Ali's matches, sometimes i do shadow boxing (even i dont know anything how to do it). I dont understand whats inside of the boxing that pulls me in.

should i go further? or at this point is it separating from my first target (healty life, good excersise, fit body) and going to some professional stuff?
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