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Default Re: help gaining weight/muscle mass.

I was 70kg in Sept 08, I was 91kg in April just gone, and now I'm on a diet and hitting the cardio and I down to 85kg, probably get to 83-84kg before I start eating normally again, fill out a bit towards the end of the year back up to 87-88kg but leaner than currently.
All you have to do is EAT, not like a bodybuilder, not like a bird, not like someone not wanting to get "too big", just eat. Get 2 pizzas from supermarket, after every training session, cook them both, put them face to face with each other and eat that pizza sandwich. Breakfast have 500ml chocolate milk and 6 eggs, blend it all up. Just some ideas.

You have to eat BIG to get bigger, but you won't balloon 20lbs overnight, especially if your output is high and you are train regularly. When you get to the weight/size you want, drop back the eating a bit and see how it goes. Trial and error, and time.
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