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Default Re: Basic boxing combos ?

Originally Posted by christos View Post
Jab, jab, cross

Jab, cross, left hook

Jab, jab, cross, left hook

Cross, left hook

Cross, left hook, cross

Jab, right uppercut, left hook

Jab, left uppercut, left hook

Jab, cross, jab, cross

Jab, cross, jab, cross, left hookWhat you thing about this list?And how i can practice them?

Get yourself a heavy bag, some hand wraps and some decent bag gloves. If you can mount the heavy bag where you can move completely around it, I feel that is better and a more realistic form of training. I've never liked heavy bags mounted close to walls where you are limited in space.

You can practice all of those punches simply by shadow boxing, though I prefer to hit something, especially when throwing hooks. Hitting a bag gives it a more realistic feel and helps condition your hands and wrists to accept the impacts of throwing punches.

If you get a heavy bag and start punching it, try to keep your wrists locked with the top of your hand in line with your forearm. If you **** your wrist and hit the bag wrong, it could lead to a pretty nasty sprain.
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