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Default Amir Khan's/Alex Riza's Training Regime

Mon – Track running and sprints, 400m and 200m sprints, UCLA track
Tues – 30 lengths in Olympic size pool or in the sea for a mile at Santa Monica
Weds – Stairs or hill running, Hollywood Hills
Thurs – Strength and conditioning session, Gym.
Fri – Sand dunes – Malibu
Sat – Cone drills, lateral drills, similar to soccer players.
Ariza: “Khan’s afternoon sessions in the Wild Card with Freddie Roach alternate. I make sure he is hydrated at these times” Mon, Weds, Fri – Sparring
Tues, Thurs, Sat — Khan works pads, speedball and strategy with Roach.
5am Vitamins and Protein shake before training.
8am Oatmeal/protein recovery shake after training.
8-10am Sleep.
10am Breakfast — eggs, toast, beans.
10.30am-12.00pm Rest, computer games (favourites are Fight Night Boxing and Fifa 11)
12pm Protein shake
12-3pm Gym — Khan works with Freddie Roach, Ariza completes warm-up, warm-down
3pm Protein and carbohydrate mixture recovery shake
3-4pm Strengthening/stretch down
6pm Dinner — chicken or fish, rice and vegetables
9pm Cottage cheese
7-8 hours sleep per day.
“Amir has around 200gms of protein a day when he is in training camp, with seven separate meals a day for 5 to 7 weeks,” Ariza says. “He consumes 6,500-6,800 calories a day, and burns 5,000 calories in training, in 3-4 hours of high intensity training every 24 hours.
“A fortnight before the fight, we taper down. In fight week, he starts at around 150lbs and we reduce the calories, and his fluids to get to the 140lb limit. Teri Tom, a sports scientist at UCLA, has devised a morning/evening two-a-day vitamin programme for Amir.”

posted this in General already but here you go
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