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Default Re: Basic boxing combos ?

Originally Posted by christos View Post
Yes i have a punching bag 30 kilos.How offen you thing i should hit it in the week? And if you can tell me 1 way to automated these combos that i write? (THANK YOU VERY VERY MUTCH)

If you are just doing basic punches, I don't see any reason why you can't hit it as much as you want. Chances are you can do this every day for a few rounds and not suffer any ill effects if you are keeping your wrists locked like I mentioned in a previous post. Not to worry, your body will let you know when you've done too much. If your technique gets sloppy, quit and do it another day.

Check out some videos on U-tube about proper punching technique, You will likely see lots of **** videos but you will also find some that are very helpful. You'll see the difference.
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