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Default Re: weight training in boxing...

Originally Posted by Relentless
work with heavyweights with 3-5 reps for strength 4-6 reps for power
that doesn't make sense. Distinguish between the two. And the ranges overlap. I figured 6 and below was the neuromuscular strength, a.k.a., brute power.

In response to the initial post, you shouldn't do weights, generally speaking. For the past two months I had been focusing on the 3-5 reps of compound lifts as my main method of strength training. It really had no benefits to my boxing game. But that may just be because I am lighter and therefore need speed more than power. Either way, the 3-5 range is the best way to lift, but it will still add mass and tighten muscles to a certain degree, especially if you're doing it 3 times a week. Now I use mainly bodyweight exercises and will occasionally do things like dumbbell swings, snatches, clean and jerk. So, if you're a heavier weight, yes. otherwise, no.
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