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Default Re: Critique my technique? (shadowboxing)

Originally Posted by KillSomething View Post
New gym.

I'll second that suggestion. If you've been in a gym for a couple months and are still shadowboxing like that, you're not being instructed on good footwork, proper punching technique, balance---in other words, all the basics. Do you have someone who acts as a coach /trainer to instruct you? If so, perhaps he has too many people to devote much time to any one student.

Here's a suggestion. Do a search on U-tube for shadowboxing videos and look for ones with good technical quality----------you'll recognize them when you see them. You'll see good balance and footwork, punches being thrown with some intent, jabs thrown straight and power shots rotating off the ***** of the feet along with good hip rotation to develop power.

Better yet, look for videos on heavy bag work since guys tend to really attack the bag and let the shots go with a good bit of force. I never liked to put much force in my shadowboxing routine------it's better to hit something in my opinion.
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