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Default Re: Critique my technique? (shadowboxing)

Originally Posted by gumbo2176 View Post
I'll second that suggestion. If you've been in a gym for a couple months and are still shadowboxing like that, you're not being instructed on good footwork, proper punching technique, balance---in other words, all the basics. Do you have someone who acts as a coach /trainer to instruct you? If so, perhaps he has too many people to devote much time to any one student.
Yea, my coach doesn't really watch/guide me. So many members, only one coach. I'm not good but I don't think I'm nearly as bad as my shadowboxing shows. My coach says I've done well sparring with some amateurs who have had and won a couple of matches already.

Originally Posted by bald_head_slick View Post
You know I always find it funny when guys "shadow box" and their "shadow" opponent teleports to new locations and allows them to lead with uppercuts, crosses and rear hooks!

You have a good physique and look like you would do well to develop a Tyson/Frazier-esque style. Keep training.
Aha, I was trying to make it look realistic but I guess things just popped in my head. Leading with crosses works for me in sparring though. And to be honest, I do somewhat try to emulate Tyson's style.
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