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Default Hi, what weight would i be best fighting at?

Hey, so i am about to start boxing, I have found a gym and plan on having 3 one on one sesions a week, plus 2 days weight training and two to three runs a week at 5k, 10 k and another 5k one

I weighed myself at the current gym i atted, here are my results

weight 10st 5lb 66.2kg
height 5' 8.9 1.75m

B.M.I 21.6

now I know this is round about welterweight, but for a guy who wants to start amatuer boxing and hopefully turn pro someday, at 5 foot 8.9, would i be too small to be light heavy weight, how long would it take to correctly add 21kg to my weight, how would i go about doing this.

I know its silly asking on here, i should ask these things when i start the boxing, I am just chancing my arm for some good advice, will also ask at the boxing when i go.

sorry if my questions stupid, i just want a little bit og advice, its better to look stupid on here than at the gym im hoping to train haha

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