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Default Re: Hi, what weight would i be best fighting at?

Originally Posted by Durruti92 View Post
Hey, so i am about to start boxing, I have found a gym and plan on having 3 one on one sesions a week, plus 2 days weight training and two to three runs a week at 5k, 10 k and another 5k one

I weighed myself at the current gym i atted, here are my results

weight 10st 5lb 66.2kg
height 5' 8.9 1.75m

B.M.I 21.6

now I know this is round about welterweight, but for a guy who wants to start amatuer boxing and hopefully turn pro someday, at 5 foot 8.9, would i be too small to be light heavy weight, how long would it take to correctly add 21kg to my weight, how would i go about doing this.

I know its silly asking on here, i should ask these things when i start the boxing, I am just chancing my arm for some good advice, will also ask at the boxing when i go.

sorry if my questions stupid, i just want a little bit og advice, its better to look stupid on here than at the gym im hoping to train haha
5'8 isn't too short for light heavy, but it is really short. I fought a guy at light heavy who was shorter than that but he was a HUGE puncher and walks around at about 190. So if you're currently 145ish, your weight class is definitely going to be 141. Stick to that weight class until you go open class or until it becomes moderately difficult to make weight. If guys at 141 can't handle your power, try yourself out at 152.

You're a good height for 141 so I'd just stay with that. You're bound to be better there than 152 or 165, and you shouldn't even be considering 178. The power difference between 178 and 165 is huge. I can't even imagine what would happen to a natural 145er, but it would most likely involve decapitation .
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