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Default Re: 43-0 with 31 kos and you still need a tuneup?

Originally Posted by C Money
NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! He was the CHAMP Lineally!!!!!!!! Amazing that
you are really that dense He beat the other CHAMPS, thus BECOMING THE MAN and that only changes with a loss or retirement. Tszyu got both after Hatton.

Go look in the mirror, you boxing challenged newcomer
5 ALpha titles doesnt equate to REAL CHAMPIONSHIPS. "The experts"?? Who you, ***time, and other PBF fans???
so you mean to tell me you have heard ANY EXPERT say that PBF really didnt win 5 tittles in 5 diferent divisions???????????

Zu was one of hte best yes but was he the man NO!

are you the offspring of hellen keller?
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