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Default Re: Marvin Hagler vs. Roy Jones

Originally Posted by Sweet Pea
Don't be ridiculous. For one, that wasn't a prime Hopkins, and the fight was not a blowout at all, it was much closer than most make it seem, not a dominating performance at all, just a clear points win. Toney was badly weight drained and not in top shape for his fight with Jones. Not saying Toney would've ever won, but he would've likely done better than he did there. And Hagler is better than both of the above, and Jones was able to do so well against Toney because a couter-puncher like Toney was unable to deal with Jones speed, but Hagler was different. It would be a close fight, toss up really as to how it goes down.
I didn't say a prime Hopkins. I said a 28 year old Hopkins. I have this fight and I watch it every so often - I am not as bored as Larry Merchant was - and i don't agree with your assessment that it was close at all. Some rounds were close, but overall the fight was very one-sided in terms of scoring. That's just me. I find it interesting that while you correctly assess Toney's stylistic problem as a counterpuncher vs Jones, you don't recognise that Hopkins, as one of the most defensive minded fighters of the last 20 years wouldn't have naturally had the same sorts of trouble with Jones as Toney. Regardless, I accept your argument that both fighters have a differen't style than Hagler. So let's look at the style's of Hagler's oppenents: who di he fight who had the speed, reflexes and power of Roy Jones at middleweight? Keep in mind that not only is the Roy Jones in question faster than the SRL that fought Hagler, he is bigger than both Hagler and SRL, having ruled the Lt Heavy div in the US for years. How is Hagler going to deal with a guy who is faster and bigger than he is? Stylistically, Bryant Brannon tried to do what I think you imagine Hagler doing in the first round of their fight and Jones threw over 100 counter punches off the ropes in the first round and knocked the dude down before the end of the round. Granted Brannon is no Hagler, but he was a top 10 ring magazine contender at the time (can't remember where in the top 10) and he took the only shot Hagler would have. Otherwise how is Hagler going to wear Jones down if he can't hit him?
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