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Default Re: Never Gymless: Opinions

Originally Posted by MrSmall View Post
He's selling a product by giving out basic, effective and easy-to-do workouts and ideas, which are pretty good, but they are in NO way his own ideas or unique in any way to him. And big surprise, you get good results from following the principle of WORKING HARD with some solid movements and exercises? Shocker.
While I don't particularly disagree with you, he says all the time that the stuff he preaches is nothing new, it's part of the 'old school' theme. As far as "selling a product" his books and DVDs are an excellent source of info, they are cheap as hell and well produced, it's kinda hard to argue with that. There's nothing really new under the sun, he's just put it into an easily accessible package.

And he's not nearly as bad as a lot of other internet fitness gurus who will charge you just to hear their opinion, he has a lot of info on his site for free and while I don't read his blog with any regularity, some of his longer articles are great.

I think the thing that does irritate me is that the whole "home-made = HARD CORE" thing is really played out. There's a thread over their at the moment about making olympic plates out of concrete. I honestly can't see how that's any easier or cheaper than just buying a few plates, it's not you can't get them second hand, and they're iron, so they last forever. I think that's more of a problem with his dedicated followers than with Ross himself (the organic vegetable crazies are by far the funniest).

He says quite a lot of offensive stuff on Facebook as his statuses and comes across as a very narrowminded guy, and then 50 guys suck his **** and laugh about it, but there is a theme of having a big chip on his shoulder, no time for anyone else who isn't like him, and no acceptance of other ways of life. Something that really was the icing on the cake was when he said "stupid people should be put down, period." something very similar to that, I ****ed him off from my list after that sort of ridiculous thing. It was about some woman parking or something really mundane. Do I want to learn anything from that sort of individual? He can **** right off.
If I judged everyone by their facebook posts I'd have a pretty grim view of the world.
I've corresponded with him one on one via email and he's seemed like a friendly, helpful guy, facebook posts aside.
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