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Default Re: Covering up During Sparring

It is just that you are green. May I ask how long you have been Boxing?

It sounds like you are still in the beginning stages of Boxing. Two things I see...

Maybe you are in the "Boxing in space" phase. This is when you are Boxing using your eyes and don't like being too close to a guy. As you advance you will start punching where your target should be or will be due to X set up. Looking at a guys waist should tell you exactly where his head is. No need to "see" him. Give it time and eventually it will come.

Second there is "save my butt (shell)" blocking and offensive blocking where you block to position yourself to throw. You say you were taught to block... How where you taught? If you were taught to roll your waist and raise your hand? What are you doing with the non-blocking hand? You have just loaded up the other hand for a punch! Be careful when using it at first though. You have to fire QUICKLY after the block. Again, time will give you this skill.

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