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Default Re: Never Gymless: Opinions

Originally Posted by Ischbaad View Post
Fair enough. I have spoken to him on his forum on numerous occassions and found him to be very polite and helpful.

I've never actually read his Facebook statuses, so who knows, maybe he is a bit of a ****. But he doesn't seem that way on his forum.
I have spoken to him a bit there too, and of course he will be nice. But the impression I get from his posts elsewhere, is not the sort of person I'd agree with in other matters of life. Nothing against the training though, and the forum is a decent one!

Originally Posted by Matt Ldn View Post
I dont wanna quote your post because its pretty long (which i thank you for taking the time over). The problem i have is that because i used to go gym purely for bodybuilding i had no real aims and its only this year where i realised that i wanted to focus on conditioning/strength for boxing/jiu jitsu and other sports im interested in that i have really focussed goals, with the asthetic gains secondary. So i dont have much to compare it to but didnt wanna waste 3 months following something that was well known as ineffective compared to another system.

Will give it a thorough read and try and apply it as much as possible over the summer and properly look at the results for once thanks for the feedback.
That's absolutely fine, and it IS an effective system. You could put something together yourself very similar, but its a decent plan to follow (the 50 day thing you mean?), give it a shot! I think I've gone through the Infinite Intensity program more or less, don't really remember the results though.

Originally Posted by Primate View Post
While I don't particularly disagree with you, he says all the time that the stuff he preaches is nothing new, it's part of the 'old school' theme. As far as "selling a product" his books and DVDs are an excellent source of info, they are cheap as hell and well produced, it's kinda hard to argue with that. There's nothing really new under the sun, he's just put it into an easily accessible package.

And he's not nearly as bad as a lot of other internet fitness gurus who will charge you just to hear their opinion, he has a lot of info on his site for free and while I don't read his blog with any regularity, some of his longer articles are great.

I think the thing that does irritate me is that the whole "home-made = HARD CORE" thing is really played out. There's a thread over their at the moment about making olympic plates out of concrete. I honestly can't see how that's any easier or cheaper than just buying a few plates, it's not you can't get them second hand, and they're iron, so they last forever. I think that's more of a problem with his dedicated followers than with Ross himself (the organic vegetable crazies are by far the funniest).

If I judged everyone by their facebook posts I'd have a pretty grim view of the world.
I've corresponded with him one on one via email and he's seemed like a friendly, helpful guy, facebook posts aside.
I found the books to be of good quality too.
oh god, the RAW VEGAN guys. I pretty much agree with you on all the points your brought up my friend, I haven't spoken to him via email or anything. I guess I might be a bit harsh on the guy but some of the stuff he posted was genuinely offensive, I expect that sort of thing from some immature teen, not a guy like him. So I was probably doubly disappointed from that too, in that I held him in regard and then turned out to be a regular douche.

Originally Posted by brown bomber View Post
Cheers mate interesting thta
But hey, what do I know? If you get along with the bloke, so be it.
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