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Default Re: Never Gymless: Opinions

And everything has to be homemade, otherwise its not hardcore and effective. Sure its a lot cheaper and usually just as good, but damn. Its not a great deal better than the bodybuilding mags, huge amount of supplements, use this coconut shoulders routine for 8 weeks. Instead its the equivalent but for conditioning/fighting sports.
What are you on about? He uses barbell, dumbbells, trap bar, power rack etc etc. Yes he has some homemade stuff on his site but he never claims they are better.

But did you really need him to tell you that a good way to condition yourself is by doing circuits of simple bodyweight exercises, or run some sprints, or jump rope, or hit the bag? Or to get stronger do some explosive lifting, or do some advanced bodyweight variations?
There is a lot of **** in fitness mags and on the internet. When I was younger I had no idea how to train. His books helped a lot.

BUT realise that its the equivalent of any other personal trainer by pushing the BODYWEIGHT WORKOUTS, BOXING CONDITIONING, SLEDGEHAMMER TRAINING, and all that **** that people love to hear about and will make them OLD SCHOOL.
Again, what are you going on about? He is not pushing anything.

He's selling a product by giving out basic, effective and easy-to-do workouts and ideas, which are pretty good, but they are in NO way his own ideas or unique in any way to him.
When did he ever claim they were unique to him. He has often stated where and who he got his ideas from.

Plus there is the added benefit that his whole shpiel is that you don't need weights to get stronger, so nearly noone gets injured, but most guys on his forum are really not very strong at all in the scheme of things, they are strong compared to guys that don't train anything for strength, but again, they didn't need Ross's methods to get stronger, they needed to get some ****ing work done.
Again, what are you going on about?
He himself uses weights as do most people on his forum. All he says is just beacuse you don't have weights does not mean you can't get stronger. Look at the workout logs on the site. There are people who just strength train. There is a bodybuilder on there etc.

Plus, with hard work, you can achieve any results, without having to do "ross training",
Ross says there is no such thing as rosstraining. Just principles that work and you should ajust your training depending what you are training for.

He's just a guy earning his living off of very basic and very effective methods that any half decent gym or trainer in the world would tell you to do.
The books and dvds prob don't make him much money. Training his athletes is how he earns his money (not just boxers)
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