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Default Re: Diagnosed with illness and looking for tips to start training again please ESB wo

Originally Posted by furor celtica View Post
I have no practical advice, but just keep at it, people like you are an inspiration to all of us who train.
When you're going through hell, keep going...
Cheers man, that's why i try do, cant say i don't wana give up (a lot of the time seems the easier option to pull the plug on treatment but i wont) you have to keep inspired.

Every day i am inspired at the will to live that some 80+ patients show, they seem to love life and just try to get through it or/ and beat it. I heard a story, dont have any references for it but a man ran the boston marathon in the time 4:29 i think, Clarance hartly i think his name is or something like that. Anyway he beat loads of 20 something guys. He had already survived fighting in a war and beaten cancer twice and......... he was 81 years old. That man is an inspiration, and thank you for the kind words saying that i am, but id like to state i didn't post on here for praise from people even though it is very nice thing to say and i appreciate it. I am not some attention seeker, just someone looking for advice on training with regards not having full psychical strength or capabilities (yet).

And i am not an inspiration, im not a great amateur boxer, just an aspiring one who hopes to do well in the future and then maybe i can inspire people if i achieve something in the sport, a long shot but a dream for the future i guess. thank you for listening
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