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Default Re: Thoughts on this training plan.

Originally Posted by Arranmcl View Post
A 20kg bar?
Olympic bars are 20kg.
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Default Re: Thoughts on this training plan.

Idk if 4x5 is a good idea for 1 handed shoulder presses. Might want to turn it into a military (overhead) press. If you need to work the shoulders separately you'd probably want less weight/higher reps...more endurance focused.

Looks like a solid plan though, alternating strength and power training.
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Default Re: Thoughts on this training plan.

Originally Posted by GPater11093 View Post
I been really upping my training lately and learning about training.

Heres what Ive come up with to start doing.

Monday - Strength/Power training
Tuesday - Boxing training
Wednesday - Strength/Power training
Thursday - Boxing Training
Friday - Strength/Power training
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - Rest (Occassionally some sparring)

So for the Strength/Power training the first 4 weeks will be strength training with the next 4 weeks being power training (will take me up to start of season)


Everything 4 reps with 5 sets. Also will increase by 5kg every week.

40KG Squats
50KG Deadlift
40KG Benchpress
15KG (each hand) Shoulder Press
40KG Bench Pull
20KG Dumbbell Rows
50KG Leg Press
Pull ups

And Power will look like this

Everything is 10 reps with 4 sets and a 3KG increase each week

Jump Squat (Unweighted)
Hurdle Jumps (Unweighted)
Explosive Bench Press 25KG
Medicine Ball Drops 5KG
Medicine Ball Slams 5KG
Clap Press Ups

The boxing training looks like this.

3x3 sets of skipping/shadow boxing/bags/pads/sparring (one after the other)

With condtioing sets thrown in

Bunny Jumps over a bench 3x3
Punching with weight 3x3 (with 3KG weights, straight punches till exhaustion, drop weights punch for 20 seconds and then pick up weights)
Burpees 3x3 (30 second burpees, 30 second shadow x 3)

A mix and match of these so I get roughly 15-18 rounds for the night.

So how does that look?

Any improvements/suggestions?
My thoughts:
You generally do a strength then power sort of periodization to peak for an event - you don't have an event to peak for as you are in the offseason, and you are timing it to start you season. I don't think it has much application to boxing unless you are a professional with a fight every 3 months, instead of an amateur with more frequent fights. I'd avoid doing punches till exhaustion with 3kg, find something that weighs 1lb, 2lb at most, and do it with that, 3kg will probably do more harm than good to your shoulders.

I think you should just do the full time scale with the strength training, forget the power training as you put it down, for the above reason and that it isn't as it should be for those movements. You will increase power by default. The strength training will be more valuable to you in the long run. The weights, progressions, exercises you wrote down there seem fine to me, roll with it as much as you can, don't sacrifice your technique for the weight though, if you are rounding your back, failing reps etc then lower the weight and try the same or even a bit less the following week where you would normally just go up in weight.

Always count the 20kg of the barbell when stating what weights are lifted, you lift that too. If you are training 3 days of the week, there is no point trying to cram things all into 1 day, you are not short of time. So MWF, squat. Then on Wednesday, deadlift as well. On Monday, bench press and bench pull. On Friday, shoulder press, db rows and pullups.

On top of these, I would reccommend on MWF you do some shoulder prehab work. This will probably serve you better in the season that anything else. Look up the Diesel Crew Shoulder Rehab protocol on google, find the exercises you can do with your equipment there, and do a circuit of them at the end of each training day. Face pulls, band pullaparts (I guess bent over reverse flyes with dumbells would have a similar effect), scarecrows are probably the best bang for buck ones, the scapula retraction stuff isn't as useful for you but obviously anything to strengthen the shoulder girdle which takes such a battering with boxing and is very internal rotation based. Obviously external rotations however you can manage them, lying on your side and rotating outwards with a small dumbell with your elbow at your side is a decent replacement, ultimately a band is the most versatile for this stuff.

I'd probably encourage some sort of neck training and hand/grip/wrist training as these are also areas that take some punishment in our sport. The obvious thing is to get a neck harness and do some flexion and extension, and side to sides a couple times a week. For hands and wrists, plate wrist curls would be ok, anything that works your grip, if you have a scaffold or some scaffolding nearby do some hangs from that and hold onto it. Get a bucket of rice, flex and grip, twist, all sorts of stuff, with your hand sunk inside. You have to keep the tools of the trade healthy and strong, rather than the usual general strength training without a sport in mind.
Anything else feel free to PM me buddy!
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Default Re: Thoughts on this training plan.

If you can do those weights easily that's not strength training.... 50kg leg press should be relatively easy for a ten year old girl so I'm thinking it's not going to do much for you. If you're just starting out there's no harm in doing more volume to get your body used to the movements, doing ten reps of each.
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Default Re: Thoughts on this training plan.

Originally Posted by viru§™ View Post
Olympic bars are 20kg.
Ahh i didn't know this, thanks.
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