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Default ****yzing a Robbery RBR pt 1 Cintron Martinez

I decided to do this fight and several others just to see if at all i could find any reason that its possible for outcome to be correct, I will watch all rounds without the commentary except for maybe during reviews of controversial moments in this case the KO that was overturned

Also next up I will do the Lara Williams bout the Huck lebdeev fight and probably something involving Sturm whether it be Macklin or Oscar

i will compare my card to Harolds and also give the judge totals and see who best got it also i will award any close or swing round in favor of the robbery as part of this experiment

Round 1- first 30 seconds no blows of note, cintron kinda pawing with the left almost range finding but he is forward martinez is backing up, first real blow a straight left snaps cintrons head back he bends and takes a few more, they tie up cintron lands 2 end of 1st minute cintron wildly misses, 1 right cintron, another left martinez, left martinez, left right by cintron, martinez lands a left, cintron a right and left,

Cintron busier tough time landing the right, Martinez landed the better punches of the round 10-9 Cintron Lederman says Cintron 10-9

Round 2- 1st minute both men kinda just fencing, pecking with jabs near the end of the minute martinez lands a hard jab and a left behind it, next 30 seconds martinez flurries in between cintron lands a few, they maul a little and cintron lands in the clinches, flush jab cintron martinez misses with 3, around the 2 min mark a jab then a 1-2 by cintron, they trade lefts neither seems devastating, around 20 second mark left lands then right for matrinez,

10-9 Cintron, he landed some nice jabs and a few rights, pretty close as they landed similar amounts Lederman agrees

Round 3- Martinez opens with a hard left, Cintron responds with misses, Martinez solid jab, Martinez hard jab, Cintron right to the body, left lands from martinez, right hand cintron after missing a few, cintron getting busier trying to get to his quicker foe lands a left hook, they fight in the clinch, they separate and trade a few neither lands anything telling two cintron jabs, another jab and martinez backs up, a soft right then a hard right by cintron, good left by martinez they tie up, martinez flurries only 1 left lands, cintron grazing right and martinez lands a good left, cintron jab misses 2nd lands, Martinez at the 30 second mark fires off like 6 shots atleast 2 good lefts get in, another left gets in for martinez

10-9 Martinez he kinda stole a close round at the end Lederman agrees

3 rounds in and i have it 2-1 cintron its close so far closer than i recall

Round 4- Martinez starts very mobile Cintron trying to jab, cintron takes 1st minute behind jab and a couple of power shots, martinez is very mobile but cintron stalks him smartly, ten seconds later Martinez misses a flurry and Cintron gets in a few jabs, left in by martinez, next minute is pretty indecisive lots of missing for both and some clinching, lots of clinching going on, one pretty nice martinez left, around 30 second mark Cintron lands a right and left hook but they were partially blocked, hard jab and flurry by martinez, 1 right in return by cintron,

Neither guy dominant in the round but Cintron is stalking and landing his jab and is busier there is plenty of clinching going on, they both miss frequently lets go 10-10 Lederman has it for Martinez

Round 5- around 2.20 mark they have traded a few times neither man hurt but martinez lands best punch a left, good left by martinez wild miss by cintron, martinez flurries and gets out unharmed, martinez sharp left, left hook lands from cintron rest miss, Martinez comes in and eats a right and left that move his head quite a bit around 1.03 to 1.04 mark, around 15 second mark they trade rights, 2 body lefts by martinez and he flurries to close it out but doesnt land much

best round for martinez clear cut he is holding his ground better and mastering distance better and making cintron miss with less movement and effort 10-9 Martinez Lederman Agrees
Punch cut Cintrons eye during the round

Round 6- near 2.30 cintron lands a straight right but doesnt do much, not a very eventful round martinez flurrying a lot but not landing much, cintron landing some clean jabs, punch stat said 5 power blows for martinez 2 for cintron but i dont like to always use it, because of the experiment and swing rounds ill give this to Cintron Lederman disagrees

Mid point I have it 58-57 Cintron, Lederman has it 58-56 Martinez having him sweep 3,4,5,6 so i have it 3-2-1 and he has it 4-2. So far its close Cintron busier, Martinez flashier, Cintron is cut, they clinch more then i remember, neither guy has been really hurt but cintrons head has been snapped back more than once, its really close i have an even round and 6 was as close as they come

Round 7- i decided to make this quicker and less wordy im gonna watch the whole round and then write rather than pause for each little thing....the round was the cleanest round of them all fought more stationary, in the center with less clinches, martinez strafes him with quicker and faster punches, though cintron jabs well and lands a good right or 2 its all martinez, then the knockdown, i dont think the 7th is completed but after a long break the 8th begins

10-9 Martinez though it should be 10-8 at the least but its really a KO, Lederman agrees

Controversy number 1- this fight is a robbery in the sense of the KO clean blow and hes down no elbow or butt visible in the replay, ref counts 10 fight over, Cintron protests like any fighter would plus he is probably so dazed he doesnt know better who ever you wanna blame the fight resumes personally this is all the refs fault many attack kermit for arguing but hey he did what any fighter would try to continue refs fault for allowing it to go

Round 8- Martinez looks frustrated as he taunts and talks more waving Cintron in he also looks very ****y as he basically KO'd Sergio and feels very confident, Cintron is making the most of his second life as he throws hard right hands but Sergio is landing that left often and with purpose

10-9 Martinez last 2 rounds are the clearest of the fight and Cintron has become less and less competitive Lederman Agrees

Round 9- Cintrons face lookin worse, action filled round very fast pace, martinez strafes like he has been, cintron lands several rights and atleast one left hook better round

seeing as Cintron did a little better and im trying to understand what rounds the judges may have gave kermit i will award him this round 10-9 Cintron Lederman disagrees

Round 10- one of the best rounds of the fight cintron catches martinez off balance twice not hurt but looked good, cintron getting to martinez more often landing straight rights, right uppercuts and some left hooks

10-9 cintron unlike some of the benefit of the doubt rounds this is a legit cintron round he lands clear hard blows and is the aggressor Lederman Agrees

Round 11- Another very good round but Martinez was busier and landed that left with frequency if it was gonna go to cintron martinez stole it in the last minute and at the end with a strong rally
10-9 Martinez Lederman Agrees

Round 12- Wild finish point docked, a slip and some good punches too close the show

10-8 Cintron but because of a deduction

My total 115-113 (math may be wrong)Cintron but it came down to the last round and the deduction steered it

Lederman had it 115 to 111 Martinez

My take Martinez deserved to win and was robbed i gave Cintron every single advantage and he only really pulled it out with a questionable docking

what was odd the cut and KO were ruled head butts though a left landed and the heads came close but never touched

Cintron put his head down should not have been a point taken

This is a robbery in my eyes though was close after 6 but Martinez really took the second half

if i scored without the benefit of the doubt system i would have swung the 5th and 9th to martinez for sure

Dunno what you guys think but im curious on what you think of this way of judging a robbery
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Default Re: ****yzing a Robbery RBR pt 1 Cintron Martinez

Sergio should have been dq'd for hitting Cintron whilst down.
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Default Re: ****yzing a Robbery RBR pt 1 Cintron Martinez

I gave that fight to Martinez...I think it was 7-5 or 8-4..haven't watched it in at least 6 mos though.
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Default Re: ****yzing a Robbery RBR pt 1 Cintron Martinez

Martinez was horribly robbed that night. Cintron is forever on my **** list for claiming he won. Jesus.
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Default Re: ****yzing a Robbery RBR pt 1 Cintron Martinez

Originally Posted by Stovepipe View Post
Martinez was horribly robbed that night. Cintron is forever on my **** list for claiming he won. Jesus.
I was very upset when the fight was declared a draw! It made me sick when the frog was acting like he won!
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Default Re: ****yzing a Robbery RBR pt 1 Cintron Martinez

A knock out + 8-4 in rounds + bull**** point deduction= robbery.
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Default Re: ****yzing a Robbery RBR pt 1 Cintron Martinez

Originally Posted by slugger3000 View Post
I was very upset when the fight was declared a draw! It made me sick when the frog was acting like he won!
the way he celebrated was even worse
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