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Default Re: John Duddy is BEST Fighter P4P on Earth (never lost to JCC/Lyell, but to corrupt

Originally Posted by Zombieguy View Post
John Duddy is truly, the BEST fighter Pound for Pound on the Planet.
(never lost to Chavez Jr and Lyell.,, Duddy lost to corruption instigated by Arum and whoever the hell promotes Lyell)

Duddy NEVER lost to the spoonfed baby Chavez Jr. Duddy lost to the spirit of Chavez Sr, who possessed his son or bought the judges or something.

Thats why Duddy stood there and took all those punches to the face like that. He knew that only Bill Murray and Dan Akaroyd could suck the spirit out of the HBO hypejob Chavez Jr. He put on the act of a Eurobum club fighter but the Ghostbusters GOT STUCK IN TRAFFIC and couldn't arrive to "even out the playing field" in time.

Duddy never lost to Lyell, either.
Duddy lost to a FIXED FIGHT/POLTERGEIST when he fought Lyell, cause Duddy agreed to "lay down/throw the fight" with Lyell in exchange for getting some whiskey, a box of pencil crayons, and a $7-$8 payday (his biggest ever). Those irish love their pencil crayons. Lyell went on to lose to Chavez Jr, who was possessed by the extreme hyping of HBO or specifically Larry Merchant (RIP). COINCIDENCE? You decide...

1.) Duddy could KO Chavez Jr 10 out of 10 times if he was not possessed by the ghosts of Chavez Sr or Larry Merchant.

2.) Duddy could KO Lyell 10 out of 10 times, if there is no PENCIL CRAYONS Deals.

Duddy challenged Sergio Martinez many times for days, and Sergio blatantly DUCKED Duddy.
In a sense, Duddy has beaten Sergio by DEFAULT. ALREADY BEAT #3 P4P.

Duddy already KO'd the great Bryon Mackie, the immortal Pat Coleman years ago, and top middleweight journeyman Juan Astorga.

Duddy, truly, is the best fighter P4P on the Planet (never lost to Lyell and Chavez Jr. Duddy lost to corruption made by Arum and PETA).

It's just that Duddy has been subjected to corruption by Top Rank and others. John Duddy was supposed to challenge ATG Andy Lee this year but backed out due to the corruption that was soon to follow. Lee was another hypejob and Duddy could not afford another call to the ghostbusters as they do not accept debit or pencil crayons. He was only thinking of the safety of EVERYONE when he retired and thus has already defeated Lee by DEFAULT.

Johnathon Ricardo Duddy is the best fighter on the planet, without a doubt, cause he has beaten the best fighters on the planet by default, cause they cheated against him and others ducked him.
Duddy was ok. Stop trolling, he isn't no ATG.
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Kid Presentable
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Default Re: John Duddy is BEST Fighter P4P on Earth (never lost to JCC/Lyell, but to corrupt

Originally Posted by Samurai's Slice View Post
Duddy was ok. Stop trolling, he isn't no ATG.

He's obviously taking the **** out of that guys Margarito threads!! using John Duddy for comical effect as he clearly isn't p4p the best on earth.
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