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Default Re: The supposed demise of boxing at the hands of MMA...

Originally Posted by Jack View Post
Well, competition is what keeps sports like MMA thriving. I feel like the closest business model to MMA is pro-wrestling, so lets use that as an example:

If you were to draw up periods when wrestling was at it's peak, you'd come up with something similar to this:

1950-70's America
1970-1990's Japan
1985-1992 America
1997-2001 America
1990-current Mexico
Oh you can use statistics to prove anything, 14% of all people know that
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Default Re: The supposed demise of boxing at the hands of MMA...

the mma sat night was a big disappointment, i had a few mates around watching the boxing and we watched the UFC too, i hyped up the fight and then it was a let down, probably not what dana wanted as new fans like my mates that i encouraged to watch were not impressed at all
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Default Re: The supposed demise of boxing at the hands of MMA...

Originally Posted by Jack View Post working out really well, huh?

Boxing is continuing to get more and more recognition from the mainstream whilst UFC numbers are way down. Kimbo Slice on CBS did 6.5m viewers whereas the UFC on FOX did 4.6m. Still high numbers, yes, but the fact a freak show attracted many more fans than a huge UFC title fight, says something about the current state of the UFC. I say "the UFC" too because it now defines the sport of MMA, which after more failed organizations, is pretty much dead in the water as a sport. The only thing left is the UFC brand that is doing poor TV numbers, has only two stars left and has repeatedly sold less than 300k PPV buys this year.

Boxing has always had a huge lead around the world, so that isn't worth looking at. In Germany, Britain etc., MMA is a fringe sport. However, in America, boxing did fall behind and there was a significant gap between the two sports with boxing, sadly, falling behind. However, that gap has shrunk a lot and given the new boxing shows on CBS (I think) and HBO, there is only one way that boxing is moving. The UFC is going in the opposite direction.

I told people a while ago that boxing fans had no reason to worry. Dana White has shot himself in the foot by being too Vince McMahon-like. He hasn't killed MMA off yet, but he has greatly hurt it. Let the sport continue to implode whilst boxing continues to rise from it's premature grave.
Only re****s could think up a thread title like that. There is no such thing as Boxing vs MMA except in the ring. Get over yourself.
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Default Re: The supposed demise of boxing at the hands of MMA...

Originally Posted by Flash Jab View Post
Can we stop this?

If you'd paid the slightest bit of attention to what I wrote, you'd know that it was clear that I didn't want this to be posted in the MMA forum. The reason being, is that I know that this forum is full of topics along these lines so this thread really adds nothing.

Originally Posted by Flash Jab View Post
Why are people so adamant about putting Boxing vs. MMA? There's just some ****ed up thing where someone grows up with boxing and then MMA comes along and they're threatened by it or don't understand so instead of researching it or seeing it from a fans point of view or simply admitting its not for you, people rail against it and just start yelling the same boring idiotic stuff over and over again.
It's nothing to do with railing against it. Not at all. I don't take any pleasure from seeing MMA lose popularity. I don't gloat to MMA fans or hope to see it die out as a sport. I don't think it will either, and I'm glad it won't. I enjoy watching MMA, I've trained in a few various styles in the past and I do consider myself a fan. My opinion has absolutely nothing to do with some fanboy argument of "MMA SUX BOXING RULEZ!" or whatever. If you read my opening post, which I suspect you didn't, you'd know that the crux of my argument consisted of facts. PPV numbers and TV ratings, along with predictions based off those numbers. Is the MMA forum some Orwellian nightmare, where facts are rejected because it offends people?

For the record, I've always maintained that there is no true boxing vs. MMA rivalry. Like I said, boxing is a sport that is ingrained into society and I've always held the belief that MMA is a fad that will rise and eventually fall. It did well for a while, absolutely, but it's now going in the wrong direction. Boxing, like many national sports, will often take a hit but will never be banished from public opinion.
Originally Posted by Flash Jab View Post
Boxing fans are just as bad as MMA fans. For every idiot with a Tapout shirt and a tribal tattoo, there's one idiot boxing fan behind them shouting ITS FOR ***S. Embarassing as ****. Be a fan, support what you like sure, but stop railing against what you don't get or make it a competition. They're not at war, they're different sports, stop being so threatened.
What makes you think I'm threatened? If you want, go and read my posts from when the UFC was at it's peak and you won't see much panic amongst my posts. I always predicted this demise and it's starting to come true. I actually hope that the UFC can turn it around though, or some other company can come along and rival the UFC. If PRIDE was still around today, I'd likely watch boxing organizations and I do hope that a successor to PRIDE will eventually turn up. I want to see it as a fan but more importantly, I think MMA needs it.
Originally Posted by Flash Jab View Post
Jack, I used to think you were a decent poster, but another thread that shows you're ****ing **** and you should stop with your opinionated tripe. **** off back to the General.
Opinionated? Everything I've posted is based off fact. There is no rambling "I hate MMA and here's why..." type argument here but obviously that's what you seem to think. You clearly didn't read my posts and it's actually quite funny because you are everything you accused me of and yet you don't even see that hypocrisy. I'm not sure what to think of your little tirade either. I don't know who you are and I genuinely can't remember a single post that you've ever made, so it doesn't really mean anything to me.
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Default Re: The supposed demise of boxing at the hands of MMA...

mma will never be better than boxing. Boxing is the prototype, mma is the phoney.
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