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Dunky McCafferty
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Default Re: Brit fighter that wont make it big in 08?

Originally Posted by PrideOfWales
Dunky, kerrminator... What chance do you think there is of Enzo Calzaghe's three best boxers [Rees being the third] all having loses on their record by the end of April?
Now theres a question...
Its a big year for welsh boxing, no doubt. I think Calzaghe has made the mistake of his life at the age he is going to America to fight Hopkins. Hes an age-defying get-in-your-head dirty tricks, hard to hit fighter who has done it all. Thats why I think Calzaghe has ****ed up, cos if he just retired after Kessler with all the belts & an unbeaten record, he would have gone down as a true great in british boxing. However, to put all that on the line to fight Hopkins in his hometown? Big gamble that could backfire, especially as Goldenboy have a reputation for dodgy decisions.
Massive risk- minimum prestige fight for Joe as if he beats Bhop? everyone will say, so what, he was 43! & If Joe gets beat? That same thing is going to be used as a stick to beat Calzaghes legacy with, & many will turn Calzaghe into a joke(not me though) if Joe loses. Silly, silly fight to take. I cant emphasise that enough.

Right enough, I must admit I was in my pals watching the Olusegun fight earlier on & he showed me some recent footage of Joes padwork, & I must admit, he looked ****in amazing. So maybe I will be totally wrong, & guys like GazOC will be right when they say this is an easy fight for Joe. It wouldnt be the first time I have underestimated Calzaghe!

As for Enzo Macarinelli, Im swaying on this one too. I was of the opinion a couple of weeks ago that Haye in front of his home fans is going to win, & win big. But now Im not so sure. I was picking haye to win, cos of his freakish speed for a man of his size. Two big men, both big hitters, with dodgy whiskers, its who lands first, & Haye is always going to land first. Hes just too fast. However, I have been thinking about Enzo, & Im not so sure he does in fact have a suspect chin. Haye has, no doubt. But Enzo? Since he was beat early in his career his chin has looked solid, & hes took some shots from big punchers like Braithwaite & Hobson & walked through it. Also, Enzo can fight hard for 12 rounds, whereas Haye always seems to tire & have to take breathers. & as he is tight at the weight, Im going to change my prediction & go for a Macarinelli shock victory.

& finally Rees, I just dont rate the guy. I think he will be beaten by the first guy who comes to win, & if Kotelnik uses his jab & just boxes on the outside that should be enough. Its really that simple.

Sorry for the long answer, especially as I couldnt properly answer your question!

But I will be rooting for macarinelli to pull of the win, especially as he likes Scotty Harrison & comes out to that cool Tom Petty tune & any man who wants to be a pimp like Haye? Its been so overdone since Snoop Dog made it trendy that he deserves an asswhupping!
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