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Default God Save Boxing!

There is no secret at all that boxing is loosing ground fast, in regards to the interest the public shows vs other entertainment venues; especially to self proclaimed ‘martial arts’ competitions.
The fact that we’re loosing fans shouldn’t be of any concern: usually they are spectators in need of brutality and gore violence – to me, just decadent, mentally unbalanced individuals!
I’m not interested to watch sea lions tangled on the ground elbowing each other!
Boxing however, is at a big impasse: the core values of “the noble art of defending yourself” are so much diluted; it is therefore, hardly recognizable as the king of sports!
Competitors are trained these days to win, regardless of how they do that. Most of the time this is achieved running around the ring or, even worst, through what once was considered foul play: illegal hitting, pushing, holding or even biting.
The champions of our times are actually proficient in combining these tactics to achieve their goal. These individuals, adulated by media as P4P Kings, boxing clinic masters, etc. have stolen our sport.
As a young kid, when I started to go to the gym and learn boxing, I was told about virtues and honour of the sport and how important was to win; in the same breath the trainer added that winning was important only if you did it respecting the rules!
Which leads me to the obvious question: what happened to the boxing rules?
The only so called unified rules you hear today, are some puerile phrases about no standing counts ‘ring generalship’ and ‘clean effective’ punching. What the heck is that?
Lord Byron would rise from his eternal sleep, had he known these are today’s boxing rules! The word generalship doesn’t even exist!
Media, the referees, the trainers and above all the boxers need to rediscover this sport’s core values and promote them!
Boxing was the gentlemen’s sport. There isn’t much gentle Manish left!
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