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Default Re: Liston or Foreman? Who was better? My breakdown on 11 categories

I really liked your ****ysis Mendoza. Very clear and well thought out.

Interesting that both these 'bully boys' conceded against Ali, but noone else.

Liston, on his stool - and Foreman on the deck (exhausted but still conscious).

My feeling is that this should not count too much against either of them as IMO only Ali could do that to those versions of those men.

But in a direct comparison of them it is actually quite interesting having Ali in there as a common denominator.
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Default Re: Liston or Foreman? Who was better? My breakdown on 11 categories

A good read, Mendoza.

I disagree with the tally and how you got there, but the ****ysis was sharp overall.

Foreman was the greater champion by a considerable margin. However, Janitor is right when he asserts that in a head-to-head, Liston would school him -especially the 73 version.

note/ I take issue with the whole "Liston was a bully" mantra. I think he was more bullied than a bully....

Also, let's all pause and remember that it was Angelo "let me dramatize this" Dundee who never hesitated to paint Ali as the great bully-vanquisher after Liston. He used the same brush to call Duran a bully after No Mas. Bull-**** is more like it.

Liston and Duran were mean and nasty. Liston gave no quarter and Duran fought like a sadist... Liston was a thug and a bad character but he wasn't exactly 'picking on anyone' -he cut a swathe through the contenders in the HW division in the late 50s. Duran fought guys twice his size and and half his age. That ain't bully behavior.
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