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Default Re: Of course Seth Mitchell is being under sold now..

Originally Posted by Bonecrusher View Post
Ok first off I suggest everyone go back and watch the fight from last night, initially last night I thought damn Seth is not as good as I thought, which still could prove to be the case..

But after watching the fight again today I saw Seth take atleast 12-15 very flush bombs and he didn't appear as hurt to me as he had live. Many on here are saying Spoon let him off the hook but he didn't Seth just took all he had and sustained..

By round two Seth was well in control of the fight, he threw 81 punches and began punishing the body, which he does extremely well. Neuman stepping in saved Spoon from being smashed to the canvas which who knows had Mitchell been able to drop him for the count maybe he would be getting more love..

I am not saying he could beat either Klit, but this is the usual reactionary positing after a fighter doesn't look invincible.. Lets say he does have a suspect chin, many like Michael Moorer for example have rose to pretty great heights with suspect beards.. I don't however think Seth does, I think Seth is GREEN I know he is, hes still learning his craft..

He sort of reminds me of Clifford Etienne on the way up, high punch volume, goes to the body and being touted by HBO.. The difference is I think Etienne lost his desire before he hit his ceiling.. I think Seth is going to work at this hard and I hope surprises most of you..
My take is that Spoon did as best as he could have in round 1. He had Mitchell badly hurt, but wasn't in a position to finish the job.

What I don't understand is, in round 2, why didn't Spoon resume the boxing/punching strategy he exhibited in round 1? I'm talking about Spoon circling Mitchell (Mitchell always has trouble with guys who circle and move on their feet), jabbing aggressively, and setting up more right hands?

For some reason, Spoon moved inside against Mitchell in round 2, and that was his doom. I don't know if Mitchell forced Spoon into a close-quarters fight, or if Spoon got ****y and lost his head. I suspect the latter.

Whatever the case, Spoon was defenseless when the referee jumped in. Very, very badly beaten up. He could barely stand...his entire body was like a limp sack of potatoes, wavering in one direction then the next. It looked to me like Spoon had to be helped back to his corner.

Fighters who let Mitchell unload on them pay the price.
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Default Re: Of course Seth Mitchell is being under sold now..

He's fun to watch but let's face it, I reckon Chambers would embarass him.
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