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Default Attention: whatever mods patrol this forum.

DO NOT merge the NBA Playoff threads once they're all done. Don't make a "mega thread", and don't even merge all the game threads for each series into one series thread. Leave each thread separate the way it was made, with its vBookie event info visibly intact for posterity.

There is absolutely no reason to merge them, and whoever merged all the 2011 threads just made a giant mess of things for no reason whatsoever. Now there is no way to go back and look through the betting info for what was originally each separate thread. I don't know what possessed someone to do that, but it makes no sense and isn't necessary. Totally pointless. What possible harm was there in leaving each game thread separate as it was? None. What harm in merging them? Well, it's a big cluster****. Merging them is actually worse than deleting them, because you can't look back and make rhyme or reason out of wth happened, what the betting patterns were from one game to the next, etc. I really don't understand why they couldn't just be left alone. Nothing at all was accomplished by squashing them all together. So what if the page appears to have a bunch of similarly titled threads and it looks redundant? It's the ****ing non-boxing betting forum, one of the least looked at subforums in the whole place. It doesn't need to be pretty. It doesn't need to be pruned and kept neat. It's okay if there is almost a page worth of very similar thread titles. It doesn't matter how it looks. Just leave it the hell alone and stop messing with stuff.

Do not merge any of the threads in this part of the forum in the future. I don't take time out of my schedule to do this for everybody just so it can be ****ed up.

Thank you.
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