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Default Re: Alekseev vs Arslan - EBU title

Originally Posted by Vysotsky View Post
He only started landing the uppercuts late in the fight. I was being as generous for Arslan as possible with my scoring and had 3 different scores 7-5 Arslan being the most i saw for him.

There were a few occasions that Alekseev would get some space and use his jab and it was so much easier. Alekseev also doesn't seem to generate much leverage on his punches when he's in close and sometimes stands with his feet too close together and legs too straight up/stiff. He has good footwork on the outside and is good at controlling space but he didn't use it at all.

Forgetting his identity as a boxer seems the biggest issue for him right now imo. Don't know what the hell Sdunek and Urkel are thinking.
Hehe, but isn't that one of the good things about boxing? That one can interpret and look at it in so many different ways.

I didn't understand what his corner told him, so I can't comment on that. But the fight could've been so much easier for him. Beforehand I thought it would be an easy fight for Alexeev, but the tactics were awful.
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Default Re: Alekseev vs Arslan - EBU title

Originally Posted by Vysotsky View Post
There were many close rounds yet you gave all of them to Arslan
Why does that make you scratch your head?

You can have a 120-108 scorecard where every round was close, if one fighter happens to be edging each one judged on an individual round-by-round basis.

You don't need to "throw the other guy a bone" here and there and score him a round just for the heck of it to demonstrate that it was close and competitive throughout.

Close and competitive shutouts (or wide blowouts) exist in boxing.
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