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Default Re: Liston vs Marciano

Originally Posted by Senor Pepe' View Post

I will have to say,,,,,,,looking more and more at this 'fantasy fight'

If Rocky's back was 100%, and he stayed low and mobile, he could
defeat 'stiff Sonny'.

But, if he got upright with his 5' 10 1/'2" body, Sonny would 'pile-drive him'
with the left jab.

A few hard bangs by Rocky, and Sonny would be wary when attacking.

It is a 'close one'.
sure would be a close one and neither of us would no for sure one way or the other. rocky was hard to tag with a jab. Even Ali was amazed with that, and he had to move around him to find out. the guy was so awkward and hard to predict. At long range rocky stayed low and worked an opening luring the other guy into his range. Rocky was not unbeatable you just had to be as tough as he was, control the distance and second guess his move. Liston was not that guy. Sure sonny had a killer jab, shortened the hook and was devastating against a sitting duck but marciano was there to work off you and not do what you were ready for. Liiston was always about putting the hurt on. He was not going to change. sonny's not going the strategic route, playing it safe. he knocks a guys head up with a jab and heís coming in with the right on instinct. A tough seasoned guy (like rocky was in his championship years) would be ready to give and take. marciano and top champions donít take it full force on the way in.
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Default Re: Liston vs Marciano


The problem in Sonny, was that he was somewhat a 'clubber', and the low-profile
style of Rocky Marciano would present a problem for Mr. Liston.

Being 'heavily muscled' did not make it easy for Sonny to whip punches from off-balance

Defensively, Rocky presents a difficult target for Sonny. It looks like Sonyy's right hand would be completely nullified.
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