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Serb Can
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Default Re: Mayweather vs Bradley: The Real Thread

People get so defensive when it comes to Mayweather.
"How dare you say the god among men would have a rough fight!"
I don't think anyone in this thread said Bradley was gonna blow through Floyd and knock him out, just sayin that he'd make Floyd have to grind one out for the full 12.
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Diamond Eye
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Default Re: Mayweather vs Bradley: The Real Thread

Originally Posted by keyboardwarrior View Post
Well think about the styles here:

The punch that PBF is most vulnerable to is the jab from an orthodox fighter. Bradley's jab isnt very good. He is more reliant on the right hand, which mayweather is very good at defending against and countering. Cotto had some success against PBF because he had the physical strength necessary to bully mayweather to the ropes, a great jab coupled with excellent timing, great footwork, good tight defense.

Of these qualities bradley is missing the physical strength and the great jab. His defense isnt as good either imo. Instead he has a excellent right hand and prefers to slip and dodge punches than block them. This wont work very well vs floyd as floyd times his punches superbly making them harder to avoid than block.

The reason that Bradley did well against pac is that pac is more vulnerable to the right hand than the jab. Physical strength also counts for less against pac as forcing him to the ropes involves getting in a firefight with him (not a good idea).

The marquez and cotto fights illustrate this about both floyd and pac pretty well imo. Marquez has an excellent right hand but his jab isnt quite as good. He also lacks physical strength at 147 but has good timing and footwork. This means that he was more suited to fight pac than floyd. Cotto is different. He possesses the great jab, timing, footwork and physical strength necessary to give floyd a competitive fight, but was blown away by manny due to his lack of a right hand.
Your whole post is ****ed up.

Did Hatton have a great deal of trouble getting Floyd against the ropes despite not having a great jab?

The jab is a great punch against Floyd if you are boxing him, but we will never know because the only guy that Floyd has fought that can keep it in the center of the ring was De La Hoya, who had a jab worth his salt.

I suppose Cotto is in that same category, but Floyd's height and reach advantage, made it so that Floyd didn't have to be the aggressor.

Against Oscar this wasn't the case, but Oscar pressed the fight. To be honest, Oscar doesn't have the type of jab that would really make Floyd have to be the aggressor anyway. For that, a guy like Vernon Forrest would have done the job and we would have really seen Floyd tested.

Anyway, back to Cotto. Cotto wasn't going to be able to jab with Mayweather, but yes, Cotto does have a great jab and it was his most effective punch in the fight.

Still, Mayweather's willingness to go to the ropes, and his fight with Hatton, who doesn't have a great jab, ability to push him against the ropes means that an impact jab is not necessary to put Floyd in this position.

This means Bradley would push Floyd agains the ropes. Do you suggest that Bradley just jabs Floyd as he mauls him against the ropes, or mabye perhaps, and I say this cuz I'm not a dumbass, but perhaps, he should utilize hooks and uppercuts to Floyd's midsection to get the best results, as well as employing aggressive defense, IE move when Floyd lands.

So this takes the jab out of the equation because when you have a guy against the ropes, and you're mauling him, the jab isn't a signficant factor.

In the center of the ring, you're absolutely right, and Bradley doesn't have a great jab like Cotto, and he won't be able to do much in the center of the ring.

At the same time though, while Mayweather will get his best work done in the center of the ring, Bradley's elusiveness will make it difficult for Mayweather to land more than single shots.

Mayweather will also be hesitant to throw combaintinos because it will be a waste of time due to Bradley's head movement, and Bradley will fire back with his own punches when Floyd is most vulnerable.

Floyd isn't trying to get into a fire fight. He's trying to box this guy, but Floyd's tenativeness in the center of the ring, combined with Bradley's already excellent conditioning will be just enough to give Bradley the break he needs so he can get back into position with Floyd against the ropes and do his most effective work while keeping Floyd off balance and unable to put down serious connections.

I don't know what Marquez has to do with anything.

Marquez is a patient counterpuncher, not a mauling aggressive fighter like Bradley.

Marquez is completely irrelevant. Marquez did not lose that fight because his lack of jab. That's ridiculous. Marquez had the wrong style and he was too small.
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Default Re: Mayweather vs Bradley: The Real Thread

All this is re****ed anyway, everyone knows Arum will never let Bradley anywhere near Mayweather.
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Default Re: Mayweather vs Bradley: The Real Thread

Sorry TS, I tried to read your arguments objectively but Man you are way off. you are seriously overrating Bradley and equally underrating PBF. Bradley is to slow of hand and foot to be any real trouble to PBF. Bradley's punches are way to wide and he has NO POWER. He has a decent Jab but Cotto has a Great powerful Jab. Bradley has great stamina and will but its not greater than PBF. Even if he kept PBF on the ropes, I cannot remember the last time a fighter was able to beat him off the ropes.

So let me tell you why PBF beats his ass easily. even if Bradley makes him fight off the back foot like say cotto, pbf uses the torque of his body to create more power and will cause way more damage. Bradley, slow and weak jab will be easily dealt with because you like many others do not see PBF truly great attribute . . . his vision . . . he sees everything that is happening in that ring. he is fully aware of his opponents next move simply by how they position their body and feet. The jab is affective against him because it is the least telegraphed punch, but if it is slow weak and your best weapon it is easy to deal with. Bradley is physically strong but so is PBF and he only gives up ground nowadays from stronger more powerful volume punchers . PBF would keep Bradley of balance off night with single shots and force him to fight of his back foot which I do not think Bradley can do . . . he cannot iuse his strengh when he is in this position. Bradley has zero tools to cause PBF any trouble . . . yeah, he is younger but how many times have we seen old masters teach young punks a lesson?
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Default Re: Mayweather vs Bradley: The Real Thread

Manny, Sergio, Ward, Nonito, Rigo and Floyd= Elite

Bradley= a few levels below that

He cannot hang with the best, Floyd would win every round or stop him late with accurate straight shots down the middle while timmy swings wide. Bradley looked awful vs Manny the only elite opponenet he's faced and this was past it Manny
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