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Default Re: No headguards after olympics?

Some good read here. When is this ruling taking effect?
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Default Re: No headguards after olympics?

Originally Posted by BoxinScienceUSA View Post
if i heard correctly at the last coaches clinic, the president of our lbc, who's also been involved with the technical rule talks, said that the 'no head guard rule' will apply to all aiba qualifying tounaments. that makes sense and doesn't make it so black and white, leaving a lot of grey area.

going off that thinking USA Boxing touneys for districts, regionals, nationals, etc will be no headgear. golden gloves, pal and military could use headgear in their tournaments unless it's an olympic selection year when when all organizations must abide by aiba rules to be considered for the olympic team.

"know the rules, win the game!" until the new rules are posted from aiba and i can read the facts, this is all fun, recreational conversation.

in my opinion, i like headgear because it reduces the damage from minor blows. for major hits the damage is still being done to the brain (when i get hit hard and my head snaps back, my brain is bouncing off the front of my skull. when a hard hook lands, rotational force rips some of the fibres from the stem to the brain) even with headgear.

and if 'no headgear' is so safe why would the women still use it? because it's really not? would that be an administrative contradiction? and why? just so we can get fans back in the seats by making it look like the pros.

and really, the 10point must system doesn't make any sense. it's all based on opinion. i prefer returning to the 20 point must system which is the balance between judging AND awarding points for clean scoring blows. as long as there are humans judging without a set criteria to judge from (like in gymnastics/figure skating) there's always going to be room for controversy.
Here are the rules, this is what passed:

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Default Re: No headguards after olympics?

great read (well, "great might be slightly too enthusiastic)! thanks for sharing.

it's still pretty ambiguous about headgear being used at "elite" comps. what is elite? only worlds? nationals? qualifying tournaments that lead to worlds?

and my interpretation of section 8 about coaches is that if i want to coach APB boxers i have to give up other pro coaching.

and it looks like they want to run everything for boxing and run everyone else out. boxers, coaches, etc can only play in their AIBA sandbox and no one else's. it'll be interesting to see how this plays out of the next five years.

thanks again for posting!
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