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Default Re: A defence of Jess Willard

Originally Posted by mcvey View Post

I was talking to Janitor here, not you. But to chime in, once again you’re an idiot. We are talking about Williard career here, not one year. Willard was active from 1911-1923. In this time line, the following fighters are generally viewed as better:

Dempsey, Wills, Smith, Langford, and Jeanette. That is five. If you want to argue one, I could add Sam McVey, Jeff Clark or Luther McCarty.

Willard is famous for KO’ing Johnson flat on his back ( likely why you are defending him ) , but really he was not viewed as a great heavy while he was active, rather he was just in the right place at the right time. I have never seen Willard crack the top 10 on any list.

No actually, the point was we were assessing Willard as he was when he beat Johnson in 1915.

Janitor specifically asked who else would have beaten that Johnson?

To judge Willard ,[it is WILLARD , not WILLIARD by the way]we must assess him in his prime that was obviously 1915, when he won the title ,and was in the shape of his life.

To compare the Willard of 1923 with other champs, makes about as much sense as your posts, he was 42 years old!

No one said Willard was a great heavy ,Janitor merely said some, in their haste to attack Dempsey, move Willard from a C to a G.

You being the moron you are, misunderstood the ****ogy.

You said you could name 5 heavyweights who were better than Willard ,I asked you to name 5 who were better than him in 1915,ie when he was prime ?
So name them , simple really, just like yourself.

By the way, this is a public forum, if you want a private conversation ,you pm the recipient.

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